Donatienne Jane and Amy Bags: Cool It Down


If there’s one thing we love, it’s discovering noteworthy new brands. Well, that and discovering one of my investment-purchase bags has gone up, not down, in value over the seasons, but I digress. There’s cool, and then there’s L.A. cool (Okay, I’m biased. Once an L.A. girl, always…). When it comes to L.A. cool that translates to anywhere, Donatienne is the one to watch. Designer Nikki Erwin launched the label in 2011 with a desire to deliver aspirational California realness with an accessible price tag.


Now her basket bags are worthy of Jane Birkin herself. No coincidence the style, just as gorgeous topped with faded rose or whale gray calf-leather detailing, is named after the style icon. If wicker isn’t your thing, Donatienne’s smooth grained leather pieces in simple and unique shapes are equal parts eye-catching and versatile. Like the canteen-inspired Amy, recently spotted across the body of fellow Cali girl Hilary Duff. Wear one of these bags when you don’t feel the need to shout your logo – cuz you’re that cool. The Jane, $475, and Amy, $395, are available at Donatienne.

Donatienne Jane and Amy Bags


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  1. March 24, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    That’s funny, I never thought I would like basket bags but this looks so cute.

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