Don’t Think Twice: Cooper Spa Products at 75% Off!

New packaging for the brand means huge savings for beauty snobs. My most beloved spa on the planet is selling its spa line of products for 75% off! A few of my favorites that I recommend you scoop up during this rare occasion?

The Instant Calming Ultra Complex is a must for irritable and sensitive skin. Even if you have a complexion that can handle the harshest of elements, it’s great for treating redness from tweezing or waxing. The Complex is also excellent for sunburns from ski slopes and beaches alike! The deal? It was $53, now $13!

Their Ultra-Gentle Eye Cream hydrates and diminishes visible lines until your crow’s feet are faint and your eyes feel fresh (was $32, now $8).

Most importantly, I can’t live without the Continuous Moisture Cream (from $35 to $8.75). It’s a miracle product. Within seconds, it rids you of papery, tired, dry skin. This cream packs a soothing wallop of transformative hydration and it delivers continuous bursts of moisture for your skin cells throughout the day.

I am seriously stocking up as we speak. Call 214-383-1010 to order for yourself!

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