Dr. Hauschka Ouch! Aid Arnica Compress

Odds are if you’re a runner/exercise buff you’re familiar with the botanical arnica. The miracle worker is widely used in homeopathic medicine for bruising and massage oil for sore muscles. It’s an anti-inflammatory that works to disperse trapped fluids thus relieving congestion (which is why it can also sometimes be found in eye creams). It comes in a variety of forms. I usually use a gel, but I just found something way better and more convenient to tote around – Dr. Hauschka Ouch! Aid Arnica Compress ($14.25). This five pack of arnica-soaked compresses are amazing for sore knees. Seriously…they saved me last week! I’m addicted to running and it’s very, very difficult for me to go even a day without it and while that’s great for my health, it’s not so great for me knees. One of my biggest fears is that something is going to happen to my knees that would keep me from my daily runs so it’s imperative that I regularly get new sneakers, regularly get massages, and take care of my knees with products like these. Plus these compresses instantly sooth and help relieve tension/strains, which helps keep me going full force on my runs:)

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