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It’s no mystery that Instagram can be a great resource for healthy recipe ideas, but I don’t know about you…mine never look like they do on social media! I’ve been making F-Factor inspired high fiber pancakes lately (more on that below) and my boyfriend asked “why are you eating dried vomit?” Clearly I have some work in the aesthetics department, but for my purposes – health and weight loss – I don’t care about aesthetics as much as I do taste and nutrition profile. With that said, I’ve made all the recipes below – don’t feel bad if they don’t look as good as the images – what’s more important is that they actually taste really good, will fill you up, are high in protein and fiber, and low in sugar.

As a I get ready for my wedding in a few months most of my healthy recipes have been centered around high fiber, low carb, low calorie GG Crackers (popularized by Tanya Zuckerbrot) and trying to turn them into yummy snacks. They are great with salmon and avocado or scrambled egg whites with tomato or almond-based cheese. The crackers are so filling (because of all the fiber) and are pretty easy to work into a variety of recipes (checkout the above zucchini kugel). Checkout some more favorites below! Including healthy ways to work ice cream into your diet!!!


Image: instagram.com/tanyazuckerbrot

I’ve been eating one of these pancakes every day for a few weeks now. It’s sooo filling. All I do is put 4 egg whites, 4 GG crackers, and a lot of cinnamon in my Vitamix. Then I spray my pan with nonstick cooking spray, pour the mix into the pan and cook. I usually eat it with strawberries (sometimes I put them directly in the batter). This makes a HUGE, dense pancake with just 217 calories, 19 g protein, 28 g carb, 16 g fiber (12 g net carb), 2 g sugar, 2 g fat.


Image: Halo Top 

I love Halo Top!!! Their ice cream flavors are so creamy and delicious. I seriously don’t know how they do it. I can’t believe I used to “torture” myself eating Arctic Zero (basically flavored frozen water…). Halo actually tastes like regular ice cream. Each pint has 240-360 calories for the WHOLE pint and about 3g of fiber and 6g of protein. They’re also low in sugar (about 4g) and fat (about 2%) and low in cholesterol when compared to mainstream ice cream (about 13%). Better yet after speaking with a number of registered nutritionists I’ve confirmed that there are no sketchy ingredients that I should be avoiding.

One of my favorite recipes to make with Halo (when I’m not eating it straight out of the pint…) is grilled peaches. All you do is cut your peaches in half, brush them with vegetable oil, and cook them on a hot grill (3 to 4 minutes). Take them off the grill and top them with ½ cup of Halo Top (vanilla is my favorite flavor, but all the ones – besides chocolate – that I’ve tried, I’ve loved).


Image: instagram.com/pbeechie

Another frozen treat I love is Enlightened. Similar to Halo Top, their flavors are creamy and delicious (they just launched a bunch of amazing new ones including Cold Brew Coffee, Fudge Brownie, and Birthday Cake) with an awesome nutrition profile for a sweet snack (again I’ve interviewed a number of RDs about this and gotten their seal of approval). Each serving (four per pint) has 60 to 100 calories, minimal  sugar and fat, and a healthy dose of protein and fiber. Aside from ice cream, however, the brand makes a line of broad bean-based crisps which work great to liven up your healthy snacks.

The above toast is made with dairy-free cream cheese (try Kite Hill – it’s delicious – they make a number of almond-based spreads and cheeses), 3 vanilla stevia drops and water to thin, blueberries, coconut flacks, and Enlightened cinnamon broad bean crisps. To boost fiber and cut down on carbs and calories I would swap the bread for GG crackers.


Image: instagram.com/kitehillfoods

I just mentioned Kite Hill in the post above and it’s worth taking a closer look at because all of their cheeses are great to work into a healthy diet. I think their almond-based products taste better than “real” cheese and they’re full of healthy fats.

To make a healthy alternative to your run-of-the-mill cheese dip pan-roast two medium garlic cloves in olive oil until golden brown. Set the garlic cloves aside to cool. Blanch fresh spinach in boiling partners_flatbread_walla-walla-sweet-onion_detailwater and shock in cold water. Drain, squeeze, and chop the spinach into medium-sized pieces. Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend for two min until smooth. I love using this dip with Partners Crackers (they’re free of trans fats, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils). They make Flatbreads, Hors D’oeuvre Crackers, Snack Crackers and Deli Crackers (Walla Walla Sweet Onion is my fave..so yum). 

Kite Hill also works amazingly well on pizza (as pictured above). Swap out regular crust and opt instead for Caulipower. They make a “just the crust” plain pizza that’s cauliflower-based (pictured below).


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