Eddera Headbands: Crowned with Laurels

Eddera Headbands

Camille Eddera started her line in 2008, but it was a year later when she began crafting her most famous pieces – 14K gold-filled headbands. It was at the bidding of a hairstylist who wanted to outfit his celeb clientele in her vintage-style creations. The French designer has worked for Boucheron and Chopard, so she certainly has an impressive Jewel Snob pedigree. One of her most popular headbands is the Greek Leaf version – Victoria Beckham sported it on her b-day (a crown for a queen!). This is the kind of dramatic jewelry you envision goddesses like Aphrodite to wear, and who doesn’t want to emulate that kind of grace and authority? The back is elastic, meaning they’re just as comfy as they are chic. For something a little more toned down, try the thinner Little Branch headband, or eschew laurels altogether with the Feather design! Available on Eddera for $160 each.

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