The Incredible Effort Behind "Effortless" Beach Waves

Effortless Beach Waves Take Effort

I love the sexy beach waves that off-duty models always seem to be sporting. Is it because they’re coming from a job where some genius hairdresser carefully crafted the look? Do they live on the beach?? I’ve been trying for years to learn the secret, only to realize that the appearance of effortlessness actually requires a pretty serious effort (unless you’re Gisele, in which case you probably wake up Beyoncé-flawless everyday). I’ve finally perfected a routine that keeps my stick-straight hair looking tousled, though. Let me know if you have any tips to add!

There are two ways to go about this – curling freshly washed or dirty hair. Sorry to gross you out, but dirty does it best. If you can’t stand the thought, then use with Keratin shampoo and conditioner (on Folica for $16 – $30 each), wash it out, and finish off with fast, cold rinse on clean hair (this will make your locks super shiny!). Moisten the ends with couple drops of Morrocanoil (at Nordstrom for $14.80) let your hair air dry (or towel dry it until it’s damp), then blow dry with the nozzle down. For extra volume, use a round brush!

To get the look with dirty hair, simply apply a dry shampoo like Serge Normant’s (on Folica for $25) to your roots and blow dry them for a minute.

This is the harder part. Begin by spraying Alterna’s Boho Waves texture mist (on for $22) from roots to ends and letting this air-dry. When it comes time to styling, make sure you have the right curling iron. I’ve tried a million, and the T3 SinglePass (at Sephora for $99) is by far the best one. It heats in seconds, and the curls last for two days! I like to take 1″ sections of hair and curl away from my face, starting at center and going up, running it through the ends as I release the curl. Once you’ve finished the whole head, bend over, shake, use a light holding spray, and you’re ready to go. You will be tempted to run your fingers through the waves, but just remember WWGD – what would Gisele do!

Effortless Beach Waves Take EffortGisele Bündchen

Effortless Beach Waves Take EffortBlake Lively

Effortless Beach Waves Take EffortSophia Bush

Effortless Beach Waves Take EffortHeidi Klum

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