Ela Rae Necklaces: Let’s Get Personal

Ela Rae Necklaces

When it comes to holiday shopping for the Snob who has everything, it’s best to get personal. You want pieces that your loved ones will take comfort in wearing day in and day out, and that’s exactly how I feel about my Ela Rae necklaces. I’m always picking out one (or five!) to wear, often layering the diamond and semi-precious stones together for a look that isn’t just chic – it’s sentimental. Though my favorite is, of course, the boy’s initial, I also love the elephant (with its trunk pointed up for good luck). Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but her talismans are even greater, and when you can find gifts at attainable prices that include both…well, you just might be done holiday shopping for the women in your life, and it’s not even Black Friday yet! Ela Rae necklaces available at Ela Rae from $108 – $1,798.

Ela Rae Necklaces

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