Elise Dray Indian Jewels: An Homage?

Elise Dray Indian Jewels

Given the recent controversies over Karlie Kloss‘ Indian headdress at the VS fashion show and No Doubt’s cowboys and Indians-themed music video (both incidents were pulled from tv and the Internet), I’m surprised no one has gotten up in Elise Dray‘s Native American-inspired pieces. Victoria’s Secret, on the other hand, publicly apologized for its “racist” fashion on the runway. With all due respect to Native Americans, I don’t think using the headdresses was racist. I see them more as a celebration of the beauty of the culture. Elise even used turquoise on the pendant necklace and ring – turquoise is a special gem in Native American culture, called the “fallen sky stone” (there’s a whole legend involved if you want to read up on it). Being inspired by different cultures is nothing new in fashion. For years, designers have used everything from Chinese Cheongsams to Buddhist heads (even on candles, which freaks out all of my Chinese aunties). And what about all of the Indian Mughal jewels and headdresses? I think the pieces are beautiful and should be celebrated. Check out Elise’s full line here, and let me know your thoughts. For pricing, inquire at Elise Dray.

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