Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in NYC

Last Friday I popped into the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in NYC. My back was aching (as it usually does…), and I had a bad knot where my upper back and neck connect so it was the perfect time for a deep tissue massage. While they’re not my favorite, they’re usually effective, unlike most other massages, in getting rid of pain even if they induce pain in the process! Massage-wise the 50-minute deep tissue treatment lived up to my expectations. I don’t get massages regularly, which is what I would need to be completely ache and knot free (given that I workout regularly and am an overall tense/uptight person!), so I didn’t expect miracles, but despite some painful moments during the massage, it notably alleviated the intensity of my aches. Moreover, I felt relaxed afterwards and wasn’t left with any bruising. While there I also discovered a really awesome product called

BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel ($12.99), which the masseuse used to ease my muscle tension. It has a cooling, almost tingling kind of a sensation, but in a nice, relaxing way. I would definitely recommend buying it if you’re sore and don’t have time for a massage. 

On another note I have to say my masseuse was super sweet (especially because she said I looked like I was just out of High School and had, had a facial, which I hadn’t and I’m clearly not, unfortunately, just out of High School!), but the amenities at the spa aren’t as new or posh as you’ll find at the Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula, or The Ritz even though the prices are comparable (not the best lighting, not as many candles/diffusers and other relaxing amenities, and no steam room/sauna/hot tub in the relaxation area).

If you’d like more information on the spa and on their newest treatments, which include facials, nail treatments, and wax services, click here.

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