Ellen Himic Column Pendant

Ellen Himic’s line of jewelery caught my eye because her pieces are a lot less pricey that you’d think. The column pendant above comes in a few iterations starting at just $75 for the silver and blue topaz version. The version above goes for $1,900 and it’s made with 14K gold and diamonds. Other varieties include silver and ruby for $80 and 18K gold vermeil and white topaz for $95. Most of Himic’s pieces have been inspired by architecture and this is a particularly good example of that. Worn over a white tee and layered with a few other long necklaces this could make for a wonderful everyday piece. Himic also designs rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings and her pieces have been featured in, among other places, Gossip Girl. Check-out the full line here!

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