Ellis Faas Winter Glow Kit

A few weeks ago I blogged with excitement over Ellis Faas’ awesome new Eye Lights and now they’ve added a Winter Glow Kit ($90), to get the full-on Faas experience. The line is growing quickly – and thank god for that because it’s shaping up to be one of my favorites and the saturated colors are definitely a stand-out in cluttered beauty aisles. The kit includes Creamy Lips “Ellis Red” L101, Ellis Eyes Light E305, and Black Mascara E401. The three products are meant to be used together and Faas’ has some helpful suggestions for using them to achieve a “party look” and using them to achieve a “subtle look,” see below!

Party look:

* use the Light in holographic Bordeaux-green as an overall eye shadow. Apply liberally onto the

eyelids and also underneath the eye in a bold shape. Soften the edges with your finger for a

dramatic smokey eye.

* apply the mascara in several coatings. Because the mascara stays flexible you can easily

layer it and even curl the lashes afterwards – do wait a few minutes between layers.

* load the applicator of the lipstick with a little bit of product and outline the lips. Reload and

apply a thicker coat of lipstick to create a sumptuous, deep sexy red mouth.

Jump for how to get the toned down version of this look!

Subtle look:

* use the Light as a highlighter – either over your usual eye shadow or on its own. Apply a dot in

the middle of your eyelid and in the corner of your eye. Dab lightly.

* use one coating of mascara for a natural look.

* load the applicator of the lipstick with a little bit of product and apply on the lips. Fade a little

with fingers, to create a very chic blood-red stain

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