Elodie K. Bling Me Collection: The Choice is Yours

Elodie K. Bling Me Collection

While the new Elodie K. storefront on Melrose stocks everything from clothes to bags to shoes, some of the best pieces are from the Parisian designer’s own fine jewelry line. She has a way of merging So Cal style with French elegance that sets her apart from others, especially at such reasonable price points! My favorites are from the “Bling Me” collection. Delicate gold and dangling white diamonds? What’s not to love?

You can choose which type of gold (yellow, white, or rose) and how many diamonds are used (typically anywhere from one to five). The simplest option is the multi-chain ear cuff ($990), or if you prefer, there’s also an ear cuff & stud set ($595 – $1,295). Most cuffs come alone, so it’s nice to be given an even glitzier option. The glitziest of all, though, are the multi-chain diamond hoop earrings ($890). The earrings are sold individually, because one is all you need. The single earring trend from the 80s is back with a fierce vengeance! Available at Elodie K.

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