Emilio Pucci Launches ‘Sneakers of the World’

I have never wanted sneakers as badly as I do right now, thanks to Pucci’s “Sneakers of the World”- a limited edition of 11 variations of its iconic City Up style. From Hong Kong to Paris, I want in on this foot party! The sneakers are in exclusive combination of colors, inspired by the city its named after: tropical for Miami, dynamic for Milan, radiant for Seoul, as well as my favorite: Paris in the chicest of muted gray and lavender. Vivid colors, elastic bands and flirty ruffled details add whimsy and unique style to the classic sneaker. Your daily walk will never be the same again!

$550 at EmilioPucci.com


    • June 19, 2017 / 10:39 pm

      lol it’s a very pale pink, j’adore! xx Tina

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