Essentials for warding off on-the-go fashion emergencies

I have a soft spot for The Laundress because the brand’s founders graduated Cornell shortly before I did. I studied fashion, as they did, which is a tiny department at Cornell, so the professors often spoke about the brand when we were learning about the business side of the industry. Needless to say I’ve known about The Laundress, an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care and home-cleaning products, for some 15 years, but it was only recently that I actually got to try their products. They’ve come out with an “emergency,” on-the-go kit that I used on my last flight to and from Tel Aviv, which also involved stops in Vienna and Munich. I was traveling for work, pleasure, a wedding, and a Bar Mitzvah. There were a lot of events and a lot of different climates (from freezing to walking around in a sports bra) and the kit had me feeling like a celebrity stylist… minus the double-sided tape, which I packed separately.

The kit has Crease Release, Static Solution, Fabric Fresh, and the Wash & Stain Bar – basically you can tackle static, stains, wrinkles, and odors. Everything smells great and the products are gentle so I could use them on silk, wool, and even cashmere items – no international dry cleaning needed. They’re also non-toxic, which if you’ve been reading Bag Snob you know has become very important to me as I deal with my fertility issues. Bonus – the bottles are beautifully designed and small enough to fit in most clutches.

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