Essie Second Shine Around Top Coat: Make Your Manicure Last


The key to a long-lasting manicure is all in the top coat and manicurists often recommend re-applying your top coat every other day to lengthen the wear of your manicure. Often however I find that my nails will start to chip shortly after re-applying my top coat because the polish gets too thick. Now essie has launched a new product to counter-act that. Second Shine Around ($8.50) is their new top coat and it’s much thinner than a traditional top coat and dries much faster giving high shine and long-lasting power without the downtime and possible quick chipping issues. Note however that because the formula is thinner you should only use this in-between manicures as a refresher since it won’t give you the same protection a traditional topcoat will. Try it out and while you’re at it check out a new fave 5-free polish brand called ella + mila…how cute are their mommy and me polish sets?!

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