Estée Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush: Contour Control

Estée Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush

Throw away all of your foundation brushes and sponges! THIS is going to change the way you apply makeup. Before, I was a devoted facial sponge user (Laura Merciericon has one of the best). I could never get into brushes. The ones with long bristles flop around and leave streaks of makeup or even some hairs, which leads me to why this limited edition Estée Lauder foundation brush works so well. The bristles are short, giving you ultimate control over the makeup. The brush was ergonomically crafted for perfect application along the contours of the face. Serious consideration was put into the design. You wouldn’t buy a bag that was put together without thought. Why do that with your beauty essentials? I know Estée Lauder is your grandmother’s favorite brand, but pretty soon it’s going to be yours too! Estée Lauder Sculpting foundation brush at Neiman Marcusicon for $45.

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