Everything you need to know about transitioning your skincare routine for fall

As seasons change so do our skincare needs – be proactive! Change up your products to suit the changing weather before your skin suffers from dryness or breakouts! As we head into colder months the dryness creates more dead skin cells – it’s imperative to chemically exfoliate, especially if you’re prone to breakouts (most dermatologists agree that manual exfoliation can damage skin and isn’t as effective). Even if you’re not prone to breakouts, chemical exfoliation is key for brighter, healthier looking skin – and it’s so easy to do!

Around this time our skin also requires more hydration so either opt for a heavier duty moisturizer or add in a serum and a gentler cleanser. Now is also a good time to add an alcohol-free toner if you’re especially prone to dry skin. You’ll want to use it post-cleanse and pre-treatment. It’s also worth noting that just because there isn’t as much sunshine, you still need daily SPF as the aging and skin cancer-causing UVA rays are still strong. Luckily the lower UVB rays mean it’s now starting to be safer to use retinol/retinoid products. As mentioned you’ll also want to exfoliate regularly so opt for a gentle daily wipes – it’s the easiest way to do this (I swear by Dr. Gross’ two-step peel – they have totally changes my skin!).

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