How to Extend the Wear of Your Sneakers


Did you know you could throw your sneakers in the washing machine? Here’s a look at how, along with a few other tips on how to extent the wear of your sneakers from two pro runners. Not that any of these tips (unfortunately!) are stopping me from wanting one of every sneaker APL comes out with…

Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, Matt Nolan
Obviously everyone has a different running style. Personally, I like to dedicate one pair of shoes to only running. I use a different set of sneakers for other activities like basketball, tennis, casual wear, etc. By only using my running shoes to actually run, I can extend the life of those sneakers by almost two months.

I always machine wash my shoes, every three weeks or so. I remove the insoles and wash the sneakers alone in the machine. After washing I let them air dry by an open window. This keeps them looking clean and new and, of course, smelling fresh.

Nail polish remover is the secret to removing those annoying skids and black marks we get on our shoes.  Just mix the solution with a little bit of warm water, use cotton balls or a Q-tip, and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. This will keep those new shoes looking like they just came out of the box!

Personal Trainer at Crunch, Allynn Simons
Look at the sneaker; If the cushioning is compressed a lot OR if your foot print is permanently indented in the sole, then it is time to get new sneakers. Usually a good pair of sneakers last about six months.

Get sneaker balls, little deodorized balls that help keep your kicks smelling fresh – or you can use dryer sheets.

Keep them clean; wipe them down and hand wash them with Woolite. This ensures that they will always look “fresh.”

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