Fall Sale at Tory Burch: Up to 30% Off!

Tory Burch Cardigan, Cape, and Sweaters on sale

It’s still 85 degrees here in Texas, but Tory Burch fall goodies are on sale already. With global warming trending, I don’t know when winter will officially begin! But a sale is the perfect excuse to start stocking up on cold weather clothes. Starting with the plaid and floral Brady cardi ($206.50) in wildberry wallflower, a most gorgeous fall-worthy shade of orange. Another standout sweater is the Camilla ($192.50), accented with a shiny tweed collar that will take this look into the holidays. Of course, no season is complete without a statement piece! This fall, it will be a red peplum sweater ($192.50). And do not let this cape ($346.50) get away from you. It’s a highly versatile piece for day or night. Now, is it me or does the Hutton crewneck sweater ($192.50) feel very Proenza-ish? No matter. At the low price, it’s a chic bargain!

Shop the Fall Sale for up to 30% OFF at ToryBurch.com!

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