Fallon Collections: I’ve Fallen for Fallon!

Lately, I’m finding myself wearing my friend Dana Lorenz’s Fallon jewels more than my diamonds. No doubt, it takes pieces that pack a major it-factor to lure me away from my ice, and Dana’s have “it” in spades! With a knack for brilliant juxtapositions and an innate sense of dangerous glamour, Fallon’s mixed-material accessories always have an element of surprise. Think edgy, with a refined-classic twist: Necklaces of harvested horn tusks set on a gold biker chain ($225) and plump glass pearls sporting a wild pendant ($165). A bibb of layered snake chains set off with crystals ($250), a labyrinthine cuff packing awesome spikes so sharp it could qualify as a weapon, and a chain-link bracelet cleverly comprised of gold rams’ heads ($125).

No one does costume jewels like Dana Lorenz (she was even nominated for 2010 CFDA Swarovski Accessory Designer of the Year Award). If you are in Dallas next week, come meet Dana and me at Intermix for a cocktail and some dress-up fun!

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