Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion: WARNING – Do Not Eat

Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion

Packaging isn’t everything in the beauty world, but when a sumptuous product finds its way into equally delectable packaging, the must-have effect goes through the roof. That’s how I feel about everything from Texas-based Farmhouse Fresh beauty, especially their Sweet Cream body milk lotion. The decorative cruet makes it look just like real milk, to the point that I’m craving Oreos! I’ve since developed a taste for other FHF products – many of which are gluten-free and vegan – like the Whoopie Pie hand creamicon ($14), Nectar Bathicon ($28), and Chocolate Sundae face maskicon ($20). If the names weren’t indication enough, these items should come with warning labels: “DO NOT EAT.” Particularly for those who store their face creams and masks in the fridge! As long as you can keep your milk straight from your milk bath, it’ll all be smooth sailing – and even smoother skin. Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream body milk on Drugstore.comicon for $26.

Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion

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  1. January 6, 2014 / 11:14 am

    So true! My dad got me a basket of FHF for my birthday last year and it is so good you just want to smell yourself all day. The Fruit Punch Porch hand cream is decadent and a treat for the hands. Just bought some for a recent delivery present for my cousin!

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