Fashion Tips from the NRDC’s Green Living Expert

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The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. Their Green Living Expert, Alex Kennaugh, was kind enough to provide us with some fashion tips to help us reduce our footprint! Check ’em out below!

· Try organic versions of natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool. Beware of bamboo, which is not necessarily a “green” fiber because it is sometimes heavily processed with chemicals prior to spinning.

· Seek apparel made with recycled fiber content, such as polypropylene fleece from plastic bottles or recycled polyester. Some cotton items are now appearing with recycled content, similar to what happened with paper many years ago.

· Avoid buying distressed-style denim clothes. They are distressed using chemicals and processes dangerous to workers and harmful to the environment.

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· Wash your clothes in cold water. Detergents are just as effective at cold temperatures, your colors will stay brighter, and you will save energy and reduce global warming gases. Dry at least some clothes on a clothes line instead of in the dryer for the same reason.

· When washing clothes, boost the cleaning power by adding ½ cup borax instead of synthetic stain removers and other chemicals. This naturally occurring mineral has antiseptic, antibacterial, water-softening, and whitening properties.

· When drying clothes at home, avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Residues from fabric softeners, as well as fragrances commonly used in them, can aggravate allergies. If you use the recommended amount of a good-quality natural detergent, you can avoid the detergent-reside buildup that causes clothes to stiffen. And instead of dryer sheets, try adding ¼ cup of baking soda in the wash cycle to reduce static cling.

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For more information on how to reduce your footprint visit the NRDC green living site!

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