Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Simple Things

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Men tend to do a better job at keeping their closets streamlined. A mom may have more clothes and accessories than she has room for (a perfectly reasonable excuse to expand said closet if you ask moi), but a dad? Just a few special pieces. And because the quantity is low, the quality must be high, so for Father’s Day, don’t give him a million little presents. Invest in one truly Snobby gift that will last him a lifetime…

Boss Hugo Boss Morval Leather Briefcase: A sleek, black briefcase will coordinate with everything, and let’s be honest – not too many men want to spend time planning their outfits. At Neiman Marcus for $595.

Marshall Major Pitch-Black Headphones: While tiny earbuds may be convenient for the daily commute, there’s something about the substantial feel and sound of a pair of headphones that feels especially luxurious. At Neiman Marcus for $100.

Brioni Money Clip Wallet: A money clip won’t hold his cards, and a wallet is sometimes too large to carry around. Why not meet in the middle? At Saks Fifth Avenue for $495.

A. Testoni Casual Moccasins: These will take him everywhere from the office to a sunny weekend lunch with you! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $395.

Bevel: This six-piece starter kit will bring him back to the good old barbershop days of shaving with a brush to lather on the cream and a simple, non-electric razor to provide the closet of shaves. GetBevel.com for $59.95.

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