Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every year my father, like most, says he doesn’t need/want anything for Father’s Day and while I don’t believe he’s lying (I say the same thing on my birthday and I mean it…), it wouldn’t feel right not getting him something. When you love someone it makes you happy to gift them something to make their day all the more special! What to give isn’t always easy to figure out, however.

I’ve rounded up a few finds to inspire this year’s Father’s Day gift giving because if your Dad is anything like mine he so, so, so deserves it!


Bag Snob Tina’s hubby is obsessed with Tatcha The Water Cream ($68). In fact he gets it in multiples lest he runs out! He swears it’s the only thing that works for his skin and if it works for the Queen Snob’s hubby it’s a pretty sure-fire bet.


If your father is into fun, little gadgets as well as a maven in the kitchen checkout Dreamfarm; the brand makes a long list of fun and affordable kitchen items.


I’m obsessed with these stamps from Minted! They have a ton of options, which you can customize in seconds. I customized mine (above) for my upcoming wedding, but if you’re away from Dad on Father’s Day why not send him a card with a custom stamp of you two?


A lot of fathers are old school when it comes to tech. If this is the case give their classic calendar an upgrade! Shutterfly lets you easily personalize a calendar for Dad (along with countless other options like paperweights, pillows, etc.).


Forget Cuba, Myanmar (Burma) is where it’s at! Burma was blocked off from tourism until only recently meaning it’s still very untouched from Western/21st century influence. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can truly feel disconnected from your every day life. Like Cuba, however, hotels are only now starting to become more luxe as tourism quickly ramps up. Gift your Dad (and Mom!) a trip he’ll never forget with a stay at the Sule Shangri-La Yangon; it’s the one place you’ll find luxe amenities, but still at a very reasonable price. It won’t be long before Burma falls under Western influence so the time is now if you want to see it in its authentic state.


Things that look great don’t always function great so I wasn’t sure what to expect with SMEG’s retro toaster ($149.95) … would it work as well as my KitchenAid? Yes! It has 6 browning levels as well as 3 pre-set options and the slots are extra wide. The feet are anti-slip and there’s a crumb tray…perfect for a Dad nostalgic for his childhood days! It’s available in seven colors.


Vitamix doesn’t often launch new products so when they do you can bet that they’re going to be winners. The new Ascent Series has four models, each with a built-in digital timer, variable speed control and pulse function, as well as some varying features. If you’re trying to get Dad to be healthy it doesn’t get better than this, especially with summer. For example, skip ice cream and instead throw in some frozen berries and almond milk…the Vitamix will turn it into “ice cream” in seconds. My Dad loved this – and he doesn’t like anything “healthy.” The A3500 is the standout with five pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, purées, frozen desserts and a cleaning cycle (the machine is self-cleaning), as well as touchscreen controls.

On  a side note all Ascent Series blenders are compatible with a new collection of self-detect containers. Basically in addition to the 64-ounce container that comes with each machine, there’s also a 20-ounce blending cup that includes a spill-proof lid, and an 8-ounce bowl which also comes with a lid (for storing or for Dad’s workouts). The machines sense which container is in use and automatically adjust blend settings.


It’s hard to go wrong with booze, but take the extra step and get your Dad something personalized. Gran Patron Platinum Tequila is offering personalized engraving with their tequila. It’s $201 with engraving at ReserverBar, a website that also offers engraving on a long list of other popular alcohols.


If your dad enjoys barbecuing even half as much as mine (or gardening or even just being lazy on his porch!) he’ll appreciate DynaTrap. It’s a tech driven indoor/outdoor insect trap (chemical and pesticide free) that protects against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and more nasty bugs for up to an acre around your property (it relies on UV light and CO2 to mimic human beings and maximize predatory insect attraction). Just plug and hang it…it doesn’t smell and it’s silent!


I have the women’s version of the Men’s Brooks Glycerin 15 ($150) and while it’s not the best looking shoe it feels great on my knees and hips. It has a good amount of cushioning while still being lightweight and breathable, all of these things are especially important for older men. I don’t think it gets better aesthetically than Nike, but I seem to always end up in pain after running in them and they tend to deteriorate extremely quickly. Give Dad something durable that will boost his health and then take him out for a run and post-workout shake (or at least a walk!).


  1. June 6, 2017 / 1:06 pm

    these are great! i want that pizza cutter for myself haha xx Vee

  2. June 13, 2017 / 2:54 am

    A nice gifts for fathers.

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