Father’s day is coming up! Here are some fun ideas

Shopping for dad isn’t easy.

Obviously I would never get this for my father, but for a husband or partner who is a new father how funny (and I hear useful) is Ballsy? It’s certainly unlike anything on the market and a conversation starter! It’s basically a brand that makes ball-focused cleansing products. For Father’s Day they launched a “Keep Your Tools Clean” box, which includes their Nut Rub, Ballwash and Sack Spray. Everything is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic dyes. There’s also The Sack Pack and other pun-rich options.

Make dad smile even on a budget with a can of Beach Juice bubbly.

A bottle of Clambake Wine from Ripe Life Wines is another great option. The wines are so refreshing – especially during a stressful and hot summer quarantine day. And yes, you guessed it, the wines were clambake-inspired.

Dad more of a coffee fanatic than a wine lover? Philips just launched the Maserati of coffee machines with the Saeco Xelsis. Seriously….holy cannoli! The super-automatic espresso machine can make 15 café-quality coffee and espresso beverages, all fully customizable to your preferences. Choose your ideal levels of milk, heat, and strength – you can even adjust the coffee grinder to one of 12 sizes. And while you might buy this for Dad, the whole family can use it since it allows you to save up to eight user beverage preferences.

Are you quarantining away from your parents and are worried about their access to fresh foods? Or maybe you just want to be sure they’re sticking to eating healthy foods? Obviously there are a ton of delivery services, but what caught my eye with Farmbox Direct, a subscription-based service, is that they deliver fruits and vegetables directly from organic farms. You choose between three different seasonal box sizes and then receive weekly, customized packages.  There’s also a juicing box. 

TRX is awesome. I’ve been using it near-daily while in quarantine, but for parents who might not be as into the idea of working out, you might want to consider gifting them BedGym, which lets you do a workout without leaving your bed. It’s basically a bed TRX! It’s based on a resistance band workout meaning it’s great for arms, legs, and abs as well as for stretching.

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