Fendi Resort 2019 Bags: Zucca Deluxe

The good thing about fashion is that trends don’t necessarily stay dead in the grave forever. As time passes by, it can actually create a bigger impact when done properly.  Fendi’s Resort 2019 bags sees the revival of the Zucca logo, and its impact is subtle – though no less big.

For the past couple seasons now, the brand has been inching closer to a total revival of its iconic double F logo, created in 1965 by Karl Lagerfield. And now, Karl looks like he’s taking the opportunity to launch an accessible line that you’d see in daily wardrobes.  While Fendi’s Reloaded capsule collection gave us a taste of its traditional brown and black logo in a big stimulating way, I anticipated a more commercial comeback of its use. What we have here is a collection that is modern and more restrained with its print display, and great for those who find it hard to commit to all-out loud logos.

Back in April, Tina wrote about her love for her matching Zucca coat and tote,  which still looks unbelievably stylish as ever. If you’ve also kept yours, it’s your cue to take it out for a spin again!  As for the selection of bags,  there are fan favourites including the Peekaboo, Kan I and Baguettes with longer straps, as well as other bag structures not well known from the brand, such as the camera case.

Get ready for a new bag in Fendi’s lineup too, which Vogue has reported as the ‘Flip bag’ and is a cross between a messenger and tote bag. From looking at the photos it’s clear the bags name comes from flipping up the extended side panels where the tote handles are attached (if used as a tote).

I do worry that the tote handles are a tad on the skinny side though, which would supposedly defeat its purpose of being multi- functional. In saying that,  if you’re not planning on carrying  heavy rocks or anything equal in weight, I’m sure you’re good.

Take a peek at Fendi’s full Resort 2019 bag collection below:





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