Fight butt acne once and for all

While I rather have it on my butt than one my face, acne anywhere isn’t fun. Despite being very careful to only use oil-free products on my face and conscious about the products I put on my body, I do breakout on occasion. I’m particularly prone to the issue because I have PCOS (a hormonal disorder that affects up to 20% of women – most don’t know they have it – and often causes acne) and do sweaty workouts near daily. Luckily butt acne is getting easier and easier to deal with. The key is to prevent the problem as best you can before it happens! If you’ve missed the boat, however, the below will help get the problem under control.

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion ($9.99 – $65.99)

This clearing lotion is formulated specifically for the butt with alpha-hydroxy acids that  exfoliate while retaining your pH balance (those same powerful acids that help with the acne on your face. I swear by them). It doesn’t have a scent and is free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates – just apply it AM and PM. It absorbs quickly.

MURAD Clarifying Body Spray, $40

This is one of my all-time favorite products (I frantically emailed the brand when I couldn’t find it at Sephora). After working out I immediately spray this all over my body when I’m in the changing room. It gets all those hard-to-reach areas and doesn’t have a funky smell. It also feels great in the summer.

Bawdy Beauty, $9

I tried to get my husband to use this purely for my entertainment. He refused by messaging me the image I sent him at work and circling “take mask off, put bikini on or take a perfect buttfie.” I was nevertheless amused. Bawdy is basically a beauty mask for your behind and while, for obvious reasons, it’s not as comfortable as a face mask it can’t hurt to give some concentrated beauty love to a problem area. Plus, I still maintain that this would be a fun thing to do with a significant other on a weekend! The line is non-toxic.

Miracle, prices vary
Miracle is a line of sheets and towels that are made with pure, natural silver (technology developed by NASA) to make them naturally anti-bacterial. Before I get into the anti-bacterial bit you’ll be happy to note that this translates into needing to wash them three times less. Why? Anti-bacterial = anti-odor. The anti-bacterial features also mean they help prevent acne everywhere, including hard to reach areas like your butt and painfully embarrassing areas like your face. To the touch you wouldn’t be able to tell Miracle from another brand of sheets/towels and I find their towels particularly fluffy/cozy.

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