Finn Medium Mako Necklace: Jumping the Shark


The next time I come up with a jewel idea, I’m going to act fast. Seems Finn beat me to a great, understated design: a shark tooth pendant necklace.

The inspiration stems from my annual trip to Ponte Vedra beach with my husband and son. We discovered this beach years ago, and it’s become one of our favorite spots in Florida – and not for its white sands. It certainly isn’t a “take a stroll” or “lie in the sun” type of beach. This is a fun, treasure-hunt beach. The entire craggy coastline is fraught with shells and shark teeth. We spend hours with our son looking for teeth amongst the innumerable shells and stones. When I do find one (usually oxidized and black), I shriek as if I’ve just snagged a Birkin on sale!

We now have an entire jar of shark teeth, and I’ve been thinking about drilling holes and making them into necklace charms on a piece of leather. Looks like Finn was on the same page. Their Medium Mako necklace is just that. Except they’ve taken it one brilliant step further by dipping the tooth in gold, and tying it a to a rugged woven cotton cord suites the earthy sensibility. If I had just gotten my drill out sooner. Now it will definitely be my DIY project over the weekend. Follow my beachcombing lead – or save yourself some work and indulge in this gold tooth nugget! At Barneys New York for $695.

Pair with: Bring your beach treasure into winter territory with Jeffrey Campbell‘s fur-lined Brit boots, a rough motorcycle style with gold hardware and wrap-around straps. On Ssense for $295.


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