Fitness Clothes That Will Actually Make You Want To Workout

I workout about an hour a day pretty much no matter what. It’s not always high impact, but I try to carve out a time to move every day. Asking me to skip this hour is like asking me to skip eating for a day – I can do it, but I’ll be very grumpy. Two things have helped me form this habit: every time I feel like I want to skip the gym I remind myself how much better I’ll feel after I go – and how much worse I’ll feel if I don’t – I make an effort to dress in clothes that make me feel good about myself. I know for many women, especially with young kids and a full-time job, this can be challenging but with so many streaming workouts out there (I LOVE LOVE Tracy Anderson! Her floor sequences will change your butt!), it’s a lot easier to make time – and like Tracy Anderson often says – you show up for everyone else, it’s important to show up for yourself and connect with yourself through movement every day.
Still not convinced? Checkout some of the below styles and you might just find yourself running to the gym…
I’m obsessed with Alala. Their quality, fit, and designs are consistent which is imperative for me because I mostly shop online. They’re a fitness brand, but with ready-to-wear qualities which is why I always mention them when I write about the best workout clothes. This week they’re launching a monogram add on feature to select existing Captain Ankle and Captain Crop tights (these are their signature bottoms…they’ll slim you out plus you can wash them A MILLION TIMES and the quality will still be top notch). It’s $15 and is an alternative to their customization option, which lets you completely customize a pair of leggings. They get brownie points because unlike many stores that have you waiting up to 4 weeks for additional processing, Alala’s new monogram program only takes 1 week!

Literally every time I checkout Koral’s website my reaction is I NEED EVERYTHING…so much so that I reached out to the brand and asked if the designer would ever consider branching out and designing a wedding dress. Sounds crazy, but I’m totally in love with her aesthetic and I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t do a fantastic job.


When it comes to sneakers there is no beating APL. Not only do they stand out style-wise, but their quality is top notch. I can run and run in their shoes and they don’t wear down like those from many big brands (the exception is New Balance…will get to them later). There have been so many times where literally chunks of my Nike sneakers have been worn down after a few runs (I still can’t stop myself from buying Nikes every now and then because I’m a sucker for a nice looking sneaker…). But seriously CHUNKS! APL was actually banned by the NBA for giving players an unfair advantage a few years back, maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I felt like my long runs were easier in their shoes, so they deliver on quality in every possible front.

Also I love how they have unique designs and colorways, but they’re never tacky – no matter how bright or oddball – I have the above sneakers and while I initially thought they’d only go with black, they actually work with printed leggings too.


I love the fit of Sweaty Betty’s pants. They really suck you in for a slimming effect, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a sausage casing. I stopped by their showroom a few months ago and saw a preview of their collaboration with modelfit and it’s a standout mini collection this season (social media seems to agree judging how many times I’ve seen it on Instagram). How smart is that back ventilation panel on the crop top?


If you like the above coat, an exclusive at the Lululemon Lab store in NYC, call them ASAP! They accept ‘send sales’ – meaning you can call the lab to purchase a product if you can’t make it into the store. The coat is $320 and made with goose down and waterproof material and construction and it has a cinch-able waist and hem. Everything that the Lab carries is in limited supply so if you’re interested I’d call soon.
Boxing is the new it sport and if you read this blog regularly you might have seen me mention Kali Active before, but they’re worth mentioning again because if you’ve taken a group boxing class you know how smelly the boxing gloves they usually give you are. Invest in your own pair! It’s worth the money and will motivate you to stick with the workout (seriously worn out gloves and not wearing wraps will leave you with scratches on your knuckles…). Kali is more expensive than your run-of-the-mill Everlast but for good reason. Their design and quality will outlast the cheaper competitors (which is why studios like Rumble – a new model favorite – worked with Kali for their gloves and wraps).
As far as mainstream sneaker brands, I find that New Balance is consistently the best. They’re not always as stylish as their competitors but from a functional – and price standpoint – they can’t be beat. In fact, a few years ago when I hurt my hip my doctor at HSS filmed me running in a bunch of sneakers and instructed me to stick with my New Balance (this was before APL launched…I have a feeling he would have been fine with those as well). When I workout with my trainer and I know a lot of jumping and other high impact moves will be involved I always use New Balance. Funny enough I find that their running sneakers are better for intense cross-training than their cross-trainers, but both are effective. I’ve tried a few of their styles, but the Vazee is my favorite. They have a few styles within the Vazee model both for running and training and all have been solid, versatile choices (I bought two pairs of New Balance x Sweaty Betty sneakers when I was in London and both were Vazee trainers, but I’ve used them for light running and they work just fine).

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