The Fitness Openings You Need To Know About


Image: Tracy Anderson

If you live in a major city or suburb in the U.S. it probably feels like you can’t walk a minute without being slapped in the face with a new fitness concept. Meanwhile some favorites – like Barry’s Bootcamp and Shadowbox – are in serious expansion mode. Here’s a look at all the fitness openings you need to know about… that Christmas dinner isn’t going to work itself off (unfortunately)!


Image: Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp Park Avenue South

My personal favorite workout, Barry’s Bootcamp, just opened their most recent location on Park Avenue South. It’s huge! Aside from a smoothie/snack bar, they’ve got ample retail space and a very spacious changing room area making it an easy option if you’re looking to head straight to work after working out. Like all of their other locations the workout here combines intervals on the treadmill with bodyweight and weight exercises on the floor.


Image: Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Tribeca

If I can’t do Barry’s Tracy Anderson is my go-to. In fact, now that I spend a lot of time in Tel Aviv I do her streaming almost every week. Her new 4,000 square foot tri-level Church Street studio looks stunning. You can do membership (though there is already a waitlist) or pay per class for any f her signature classes. The new space also has a retail shop and a street-level 3 Green Hearts food and juice cafe.


Image: Woom


If you like your yoga with a side of chanting, visual projections and sound and scent healing (they have a 4D sound system that allows all sounds/music to spread evenly and a scent-diffusing system) Woom – meant to stimulate all of your sense – is for you. The just opened space also has a vegan cafe.



Conceived by former Barry’s Bootcamp master trainer Noah Neiman, nightclub impresario Eugene Remm and a few other entrepreneurs Rumble Boxing is set to open in January (a second location is set to open in the winter so ambitions are high…). Expect a 50-minute workout consisting of 11-rounds of full-body strength-training and conditioning exercises using bodyweight and specially designed water-filled, teardrop-shaped punching bags.


Image: Box and Flow

Box and Flow

Box and Flow is being billed as “yin and yang” with its combination of boxing and yoga. I met the studio’s founder, Olivia Young, a few years ago and was immediately impressed by how insanely fit she is; for as long as I’ve known her she’s also shared my passion for high intensity cardio and high intensity yoga so I can’t wait to checkout this space – I would bet any amount of money that this will be a calorie torching, challenging workout.


Image: Ripped


One of my favorite fitness instructors, CPXExperience founder Courtney Paul (you might recognize him from Bravo’s Workout New York) is part of the team opening up Ripped on the Upper East Side in NYC. You can expect a 50-minute class with treadmill and bodyweight/dumbbell exercises – sounds like Barry’s Bootcamp, where Courtney Paul was a master trainer for many years (and one, if not the, most popular instructor), which would be great news for anyone looking to get in a shape in a time efficient but fun way.

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