Five beauty trends everyone is buzzing about

When it comes to skincare I’m not usually into trends. yes. But for skin I care more about science, so unless it’s a science-driven trend I’m not buying into it. Why? A trend usually means nothing more than a lot of marketing dollars (ahem, collagen powder…). That said there are some buzzy things out now that live up to the hype. Here’s a look at five trends – for better and for worse.

Simplified Skincare Routines
Our skin can only absorb so much product, so I was never a fan of those 20-step skincare routines (excess will just sit on skin instead of actually penetrating). More and more brands are now focused on loading their products with high quality active ingredients (versus spending a ton of money on marketing). This means that often times one product can replace two or three. This is exactly what inspired Bag Snob’s very own founder, Tina Craig, to create U Beauty, which she says has replaced 6 products!

Skincare Stickers
I hate this trend! I don’t know if my skin has just gotten more sensitive, but every time I use one of these stickers – whether it’s formulated with salicylic acid to treat a blemish or retinol for fine lines and wrinkles – I end up with redness and/or stickiness. Not to mention that I find that regular products/spot treatments work better.

Mushrooms in Skincare 
From the bad to the great. Mushrooms in skincare is a science-backed trend actually worth trying and this product from Dr. Gross is a particular standout. I want to contrast the mushroom trend with CBD which has no scientific backing behind it in the beauty space. Not to mention that the experts I spoke with told me that the amount in most product is negligible – they really just use CBD to buy into the current marketing hype. Any CBD skincare product that is less than around $150 likely has no significant amount in it because a standard concentration of 1% will cost a company about $75 just to add the CBD.

Face Essences
I might not like the 20-step routines that many people adopted inspired by Korea, but I do love this K-beauty trend. Face essences are lightweight, hydrating fluids that you apply post cleaning, pre-treatment products to help your skin better absorb the actives in your subsequent products. While some people use a face essence after a toner, I use it instead of one. It’s basically a toner with more actives. Some people will also use an essence instead of serum (less actives compared to a serum, so it all depends on your skincare needs).

Kansa wand is the new Jade Roller
I don’t roll or press anything on my face consistently, but if you’re a fan of facial tools you might want to checkout a kansa wand. While it’s only now heading towards mainstream status, historically it has been around longer than the jade roller. It’s a metal-based wand meant to help de-puff the skin. It doesn’t roll on the skin as a jade roller does, so you might not find it as relaxing, but I could see it being a nice touch during a facial. The wand is designed to be glided  over the face/neck wherever lymphatic drainage is desired.

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