For NYFW Spring 2019 Marc Jacobs Was All About the Doctor Bag




Seeing Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runway looks was a conflicting experience for me. In one way, the clothes were beautifully romantic with its dramatic flourishes of frills and feathers.

On the other hand, the bags on show weren’t terribly exciting.  It brought to mind of doctor bags from back in time – used to carry common medical paraphernalia like tonics and diagnostic equipment for patients who were too sick and bedridden to travel to town. Doctor bags have survived its way into our modern life but we all can’t be doctors, so fashion has decided to solve our dilemmas. 

The collections signature shape was the doctor bag, in what looks like sturdy leather and it just feels like Jacobs is rebelling from making the bag actually useful. Apparently, I’m not alone in thinking this. On the brands Instagram page, onlooker @Wanderlusting2 points out the obvious, in trying to figure out the bag’s real world applications, ‘Seems a little impractical. How [do] you open it without the handle getting in the way?’. A legitimate pickle.

Instead of typical double handles on each side of the bags opening, the singular handle loops over the bags entry point, so when you open the bag, the handle eventually blocks you from further opening.  Additionally, most of the bags are teeny tiny! But you might be thrilled with this, since fashion is having a serious mini-bag moment. 

If you enjoyed these Spring 2019 runway bags,  I’ve added some bags with key geometric shapes from this collection.  

Images: Via Vogue




COACH Kisslock Satchel 38 shoulder bag (Get notified when it gets restocked)


CHIARUGI Genuine Italian Leather Doctor Bag, (Available for $695)





AQUA Medium-Croc Embossed Bag (available for $68)icon

The Volan Data Colorblock Satchel Bag (available for $1,175)


Dolce & Gabbana Girls’ Metallic Leather DG Top-Handle Shoulder Bag (available for $695)

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