Forget about Nike and adidas

I haven’t worn a pair of Nike or adidas sneakers in a good three or four years. I was Nike obsessed for a very long a decade-plus, long time. I totally drank their marketing Kool-Aid, but the quality of their sneakers is beyond subpar and even in my peak days of obsession, I knew this. I found myself buying a new pair of sneakers every few months (granted I run/workout every day so I did clock a lot of mileage, but still). They also don’t hold up well to washing. Every time I threw a pair of adidas/Nike into my washing machine they never came out feeling 100%. In fact, I’m so worried about injury that I wouldn’t actually wear them post-wash to any intense workouts for fear they weren’t properly protecting my knees/joints from impact. They just looked so much better than other brands – like Asics and New Balance – which seemed to have better quality.

So what’s the alternative?

I present to you… On. Literally. The. Most. Comfortable. Sneakers. Ever.

They feel amazing to run and cross-train in. They’re like walking on a cloud. They also have waterproof models so if you get caught in the rain or run outside the water slides off versus being absorbed and making your feet insanely heavy. The brand’s sneakers were developed and engineered in Switzerland by pro athletes and they’ll work no matter what kind of stride you have. I over-pronate, so back in my Nike/adidas days I always opted for stability sneakers (always the least attractive aesthetically…), but On’s styles make up for any tendencies to overpronate/oversupinate. My husband also bought a pair and he finds them to work great, even though he has a flat-foot. The unique cushioning somehow manages to a variety of feet types.

Also I love that I standout at my fitness studio because On isn’t mainstream yet. That said, even though they’re not a household name, the brand is fast-growing (you can already find them at Bandier) and they have a pretty solid color and style selection. My favorites are the neutral color-ways above. Interestingly while I haven’t seen them all that much in New York City, I saw a lot of people wearing them when I went to Barry’s Bootcamp in Miami last week. Check them out before everyone and their mother are wearing them…

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