Fractional RF: Fresh-Faced

Fractional RF Treatment

I’m at that age when I want to start being proactive about my skin without resorting to any nips or tucks. And no crazy botoxed forehead or collagen-filled cheeks for me (no offense, Madonna)! I’ve looked into laser therapies in the past, but apparently it’s not great for Asian skin (certain procedures don’t work for different skin types, so know the facts and do your research before you foot the bill!). When I was in LA last month, Dr. Kendrick told me about Fractional RF – it’s a fairly new treatment that lifts and tightens without invasive cutting or injections. Obviously, I requested to try this miracle procedure immediately! It started out with the nurse applying a topical anesthesia cream to numb my face for 30 minutes, and honestly, the whole experience was pretty pain-free. The RF stands for radiofrequency (it’s very safe), and it’s used to penetrate 3 layers deep into your skin using tiny needles (seriously tiny – hair-like) that stimulate and regenerate collagen growth. It even helps improve acne scarring. The treatment utilizes software that carefully controls the amount of heat sent into your skin, eliminating the need for cooling and promising a quick recovery period. A 2010 Yale Med School study found that the procedure tightens skin 37% of how much a facelift does. That may not sound super effective, but when you think about how you don’t have to cut up your face to get the results, isn’t it really a better deal?

Definitely get this done on a Friday because while I seemed relatively normal immediately after the treatment, within 24 hours, it looked like I had broken out in hives. Small red dots and bumps were all over my face and neck. The recovery time for this was 24-48 hours, when I could start using makeup again. Little scabs fell off, and I did my best to resist the urge to pick and peel them – this is what tightens and shrinks your pores. NOTE: This treatment doesn’t get rid of wrinkles! It’s meant to tighten the skin. We need some wrinkles anyway to stay natural – that pulled and puffed look has got to go. And although this isn’t a one-time visit (they suggest 3 monthly treatments and yearly maintenance), I will say that my skin is noticeably tighter and lifted just ten days past the first treatment. My face even looks rounder (but maybe this was the 10 lbs of turkey and stuffing I ate?!). Personally, I plan to do the 3 monthly treatments just to see if this can get even better, so look for an update in March and let us know if you try Fractional RF! If you’re in LA- make an appointment for a consult with my doctor, Dr. Kendrick asap!

Fractional RF Treatment

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