Frugal Friday: Luxe for Less

Frugal Friday

It may not be the ostentatious bait of street style dreams, but there’s nothing more luxe than minimalism. Fashion’s favorite color juxtaposed against decadent, gleaming gold? It’s a simple, yet affecting pairing, and in spite of appearances, not one you need to save up to invest in! Whether you’re looking for hardware that’ll stand out within a sea of buckles and bars à la the serpentine handle decorating Jonathan Adler’s convertible clutch ($198) or a mirrored panel of scale-embossed PVC like that on Milly’s Sienna mini ($198), there’s a way to get the look for less. Remember the Kotur smartphone bag ($237, from $395) that we had our eyes on at the beginning of the year? Well, if you haven’t switched over to the iPhone 6, this is your lucky day; the tiny clutch is now 40% off. You’ll never have to put your phone away again (my apologies to your friends and family)! Available on Shopbop.

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  1. October 12, 2014 / 9:54 am

    Great review! One of my friend informed me about her latest bag named MILLY Collins Clutch that she bought from here few days ago. I liked it a lot though it seemed expensive to me.

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