Frugal Snob: Kneipp Bath Benefit Kit

Frugal Snob

I’ve grown up using Kneipp. It’s widely available in Germany where my family is from so when I started seeing it here a few years ago it brought back all kinds of memories. They make great pampering products, and they’re guilt-free because they’re fairly inexpensive – spas are great, but really at times all we need is a nice long shower or bath to feel rejuvenated! Plus sometimes, at least for me, the stress of time and money commitment that comes with going to the spa counteracts all the relaxation…Kneipp just came out with a Bath Benefit Kit which offers five sachets for $20. Each sachet has enough bath salts for one bath and targets different things:

• Lavender Balancing – Helps combat fatigue

• Pure Bliss – Promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation (there are two of these)

• Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue – Works to relieve achy and tight muscles

• Valerian & Hops Deep Sleep – Soothes and calms for a more restful night’s sleep

The temptation to stop working and inhale the scent of a lavender salt bath…so tempting right now! I have heard that Tom Ford takes about three baths a day…

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