Frugal Snob: ManCave Natural Grooming Products


My dad is the biggest Beauty Man Snob! Pretty much every guy I know rolls his eyes when he sees my beauty routine…all I hear is what a waste of money lotions and creams are…”I don’t believe in that stuff…” blah blah blah. Not so with my father who lathers on so much his dermatologist actually told him to cut back. With that said, I take him as a good gauge when it comes to whether a beauty line is worthwhile and with that I give you ManCave. A line he not only loves, but one that is surprisingly affordable. It’s vegan-friendly; free from harmful parabens, sulphates (SLS SLES), synthetic dye, and petrochemicals; isn’t tested on animals; and is sold at Target (they use natural ingredients versus chemical whenever possible).

What’s unique about this line, which just launched on, is that it really focuses on catering to men with packaging, texture, and scent; because, let’s be real, most unisex products really are made with women, not men, in mind. The products have a unique smell that, while fresh (it’s cedar wood-rich), is distinctly masculine. The price point will also appeal to men, who tend to be more frugal when it comes to beauty pampering. Almost nothing is over $15. The range includes all the essentials: deodorant, shave balm, shave gel, shampoo, etc. The 10-product range is also geared towards men with their marketing; all the names are clear and simple so men can easily shop and plan their routine. Now let’s see if I can convince some of my friends who wash their hair with nothing but soap to try this out…

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