Frugal Snob: Clarisonic Mia

I did something very unlike me. I’m totally not spontaneous and always think ahead (must be something about being German and going to a French Lycee for 13 years — discipline and organization are in my blood!), but I decided on Saturday to book a trip to Bilbao, Biarritz and Munich and am leaving on Monday! I’m joining my family who I haven’t traveled with in years and am excited to get out of the sticky NYC weather! Unfortunately I only have one day to pack and I already feel the anxiety! One thing is for sure, I will be bringing the Clarisonic Mia with me. I’ve been using the original Clarisonic for over a year now and I can’t stress the wonders it has done for my skin! After one use your skin is significantly smoother and it doesn’t take much more than a few weeks to see less fine lines, reduced pore size, and an improvement in the texture of your skin. Plus it removes makeup and when I do have little break-outs the Clarisonic is like speedy Gonzales in clearing them up! More after the jump!

Now they’ve launched the MIA — a more compact, travel-friendly and CHEAPER version of the original. It retails for $149 (or about $50 less than the original) and

works just as effectively. The only differences are that it has one

speed instead of two (though in a sign of how technologically un-savvy

I am I didn’t even notice that my original had two speeds!), it has a

20 instead of 30 minute rechargeable battery life, and it charges via a

small power link charger that magnetically attaches to the handle

(versus the original that has a dock). The Mia is so much more convenient for those tight on space or who travel frequently.

Clarisonic has also come out with the Clarisonic Plus ($225), which in addition to all the regular Clarisonic benefits comes with a brush specially designed to be used on the body! Dying to try this! A frugal alternative though if you have the original already would be to buy a second brush and just swap them out — one for your face and one for your body.



  1. August 28, 2009 / 5:11 pm

    oooo! I love the clarisonic! and i had no idea they had a mini! thanks for the info! i’ll be taking that along with me on my trips as well! have fun on yours and give us details when you come back! 😉 i’m sure it’ll be a blast! anything is better than this yucky NYC weather we’ve been having!

  2. Di
    September 11, 2009 / 8:42 am

    Just thought you’d want to know that the Clarisonic facebook page is running a contest about the Mia travelling. Take a picture of it travelling and you could win free head replacements for a few years. So far there are only 2 or 3 entries, and they are from the states. If you can upload one from your trip (if you are still there?) I’m sure you’d win!

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