Frugal Snob: Earth Therapeutics Stress Management Kit

When it comes to creating an at-home spa experience in your bathtub, it’s hard to beat elizabethW (one of the best birthday gifts I ever gave my father was one of their scented flaxeed eye pillows). If you’re on a budget however Earth Therapeutics Stress Management Kit ($25) has all the bare bones essentials including a Silk Eye Pillow, an Anti-Stress Massage Soap, an Herbal-Gel Eyelid Compress, and Anti-Stress Massage Lotion. The soap has elevated massage nodes which are soothing against the body (even if no one is there to help you out!) and it helps stimulate circulation (same idea as Bliss’ Seaweed soap), and if you keep the eyelid compress in the fridge, it will help de-puff your eyes.

Alternatively if you’re looking to linger in the water, the silk eye pillow (and a lavender scented candle if you happen to have one handy), are condusive to de-stressing as well – unless you’re like me and scared of falling asleep or starting a fire that is!  The Anti-Stress Massage Lotion is my favorite though – quick, easy, not too greasy, and while I can’t say it’s “strong enough” to truly de-stress me, chamomile and lavender is one of my favorite olfactory combinations!

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