Frugal Snob: Pixi Succulent Lip Twin

It’s bad enough that we don’t have a Neiman Marcus here in Manhattan, but no Target?? I know, I know we DO have Bergdorf Goodman and there is a Target all the way in the boonies on 117th, but I’m not going to count that one because it’s, well, in the boonies! Seriously if someone asked me what the top 5 things are that I miss about my college experience at Cornell one would be that I could drive to Target and be there in 5 minutes. How cool is this lipstick and gloss duo from Pixi? I used to use Pixi almost exclusively when I was in High School. At the time it was only carried by Henri Bendel and when the line got discontinued by them Sephora briefly picked it up and then pouf it was gone from the US and could only be found in London. Fast-forward a few years and they have an online presence and are now available for a lot less than what I paid at Bendel’s, at Target.

This duo is $18 and comes in a bunch of different colors. The lipstick (in the cap), isn’t highly pigmented so it’s nice for a lightweight summer look layered under the coordinating gloss (in the tube), which is also relatively light. In fact both shades are light enough that I imagine they could work double-duty on cheeks (though the gloss might be a bit too sticky). Pixi has a bunch of other multi-tasking lip products that you can see here.

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