Furla Amazzone Satchel: A First Time for Furla


Here it is: my first Furla bag is the amazing Amazzone, a.k.a. the bag that goes with absolutely everything in my closet.

I’ve had a very special place in my heart for Furla bags, thanks to a reader/pen pal seven years ago, who called herself FurlaGirl. Kelly and I had just started blogging and we were anonymous (‘cuz the Internet seemed like a scary, scary place thanks to MySpace). I was just Ms. Bag Snob back then. It took almost six months for FurlaGirl to reveal herself as award-winning author Linda Grant – accompanied by a request for an interview on behalf of British Vogue, as well as the reveal of our identities. Who were we to say no to Ms. Grant, let alone British Vogue?! So we can thank FurlaGirl for our current notoriety, and for my long overdue Furla moment.

I don’t know why Furla bags have never been on my radar before (call me a Snob but you all know I’m a diehard Hermès/Chanel/Bottega girl) and so thrilled to finally discover their incredibly well-made bags. Especially at these reasonable prices! My cheetah-print Amazzone bag comes in gorgeous pony-hair, with zipper details that aren’t merely decorative (surprise!). Unzip them, and the gusset gives way to an inch of extra room on each side for your bag! I like to carry it all zipped up, so I’m not tempted to throw everything in. Lightweight with handles long enough to slip over my shoulders, it’s gotten more use than any of my Hermès bags lately, as evident by my Instagram photos. You can feel free to call me FurlaGirl_2.

Now that my bag is on sale (for $448.80, from $748, no less!), here are some brand-new treats for the Resort season. With Furla’s unique take on affordable luxury, feel free to splurge on more than just one! My favorites? The lipstick-red Glam clutch ($248), angular Grafismi clutch ($498), glossy PVC Candy satchel ($228), crisp and cool Globetrotter messenger ($598), and the studly Piper tote ($548). All available at Furla.

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