Gabriel Frantzen Sense & Sensibility Collection: Come To Your Senses

In the Jane Austen novel of the same name, we meet two sisters who couldn’t be more different: one exuding spirit, spontaneity, and emotion, the other all about caution and control. While German-born designer Gabriele Frantzen’s Sense & Sensibility collection of necklaces and bracelets exudes much more caprice than prudence (I don’t see anything cautious about them!), I believe opting for a great statement piece reflects sterling sense. And hers make statements in spades.

Let your senses lead you: exuberant bundles of amethyst and silver or emerald and gold? Lively peacock feathers or chic rubies and onyx? The Black Rainbow necklace is especially unique, but all of these bold, over-the-top clusters of crystals and stones possess a decadent sensibility like no other. Indulge in one for a strapless black-tie look or even a shocking upgrade to a tee-and-bouclé blazer combo. My friend Hilary from Lyst wore one of these exquisite pieces in Florence last week with a simple all black ensemble and it was all I could do not to grab it and run!

Gabriele Frantzen is sold on My Theresaicon and at Saks Fifth Avenueicon.

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