Gaydamak Jewelry: Sisterly Love

Gaydamak Jewelry

The best kind of jewelry is the kind you can tell was designed by a passionate Jewel Snob, or in the case of Gaydamak, two Jewel Snobs! Since 2009, sisters Sonia and Katia Gaydamak have been traveling around the world, sourcing their materials everywhere from Israel to Asia to good, old New York. They are experts in gemology, crafting the finest diamonds and gems into their signature hand pieces. In fact, “signature” doesn’t even do them justice; these innovative ladies are the ones who got the trend on the map (Joan Smalls and Madonna are a couple of the most famous adopters), naming the jewels “hand bracelets.” They slide coolly over your palms for a play on the classic bracelet that muddles the line between edgy and delicate. The duo also designs gorgeous rings like this 3 Finger Ring ($3,540) above. Decked out in flames of white and black diamonds, excess has never looked so perfectly restrained! Available at Gaydamak.

Gaydamak JewelryStarlight hand bracelet (€2,700), 2L hand bracelet (€5,750), Koral hand ring (€7,500)

Gaydamak Jewelryhand bracelets

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