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Apparently Gerard Darel is so hot in Europe stores can not keep it’s signature flap bag in stock. After doing some sleuthing, we discovered that this Parisian design house has been owned and managed by it’s founders since 1971, which gets The Bag Snob’s approval! Choosing popular French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg as it’s spokesmodel and muse is also a brilliant move, her mother is Jane Birkin, and may propel the flap bag to the iconic status of the bag her mother inspired, the Birkin. Grab yours now before Neiman Marcus sells out(remember the chocolate Gryson that sold out within hours after we gave it our stamp of approval?). At $625 we suggest you get both the black and the brown!


  1. Kathryn
    July 6, 2006 / 8:28 pm

    The Gerard Darel Drape bag is also a very nice bag. I’ve been searching around for Gerard Darel bags all day after seeing this Flap bag. I just found an over seas site that is selling the Drape bag which is half the price of the Flap bag and I purchased it immediately. I love the look of the Gerard Darel bags! I was so excited to find the Drape Bag because it’s really all I can afford right now. I love it! Can’t wait ’til it arrives.

  2. The Bag Snob
    July 7, 2006 / 11:45 am

    Hi C, I would get the smaller version with chain handle if you want to be able to use it at night. The flap bag is a great weekend and knock around bag.

    Best, The Snob

  3. C
    July 7, 2006 / 3:48 pm

    Thanks, Ms. Snob! I did just that.

  4. Silmarien
    July 10, 2006 / 6:12 am

    I own a cream Drape bag and I’m slowly beginning to understand why some people own this bag in several colours… You can dress it up or down, for work or leisure, and it’s got an understated charm that will last for years.

  5. lovebags
    July 26, 2006 / 6:25 pm

    I ordered the Gerard Darel leather satchel(the one with the chains) from last Sunday and got it today(Wednesday)!!. Like someone already mentioned I understand why Gerard Darel’s bags are getting more and more popular on the market. This bag is so much more in quality and practicality yet much more affordable. The size is also perfect and looks beautiful worn on shoulders and I love the fact that the bag itself is not heavy. Leather, color, shape, style…I go for Gerard Darel now.

  6. Tara
    July 27, 2006 / 7:29 pm

    I was in Paris last week, and I can tell you every other woman in Paris was carrying it! Lots of cream, metallic sliver, and grey python were in the stores. It’s a hit.

  7. Kelly
    September 5, 2006 / 1:09 pm


    I am currently living in Amsterdam and want to buy a GD bag. Do you know where to find a list of retailers that stock this bag in Holland? Or do you have info on where to find in Paris? Thanks!

  8. Charis
    October 19, 2006 / 3:56 am

    Hi Kelly!

    Ik kom net terug uit Parijs.

    Ik heb de tas gekocht bij ‘Le Bon Marche'(een super winkel centrum by the way!). Wist ik veel dat de tas zo’n hype is.. Ik zag hem, en ik vond hem gewoon zooo geweldig dat ik hem moest hebben. Ik heb een groot formaat, een donker bruine.

  9. Dolly
    January 2, 2007 / 1:39 pm

    I have just bought a larger version of the Drape bag with a flap pocket on the front and two side zip pockets in dark brown lamb skin – it is absolutley gorgeous – purchased while skiing in Chamonix – I thought I had been ripped off as it was over 400Euros but now having read about how popular this designer is (I had never heard of GD before last week!) I am realising it was money well spent!! Buy one and enjoy!

  10. Celine
    October 7, 2007 / 5:20 pm

    I live in Paris and I can tell you the Gérard Darel bag is THE ULTIMATE BAG over here. Every woman is dying over them and they’re selling one every minute in department stores, they sell out like crazy it’s amazing. I’m gonna buy myself a grey Drape bag next week. I love them because you can wear it on any occasion!

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