Get The Look: Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Ponytails

Mark Garrison styles a long list of celebrities at his namesake Manhattan salon, including Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock, so when we were curious to get tips on how to style a ponytail for the holiday season we turned to him for his expert insight. Why is this style so great? Not only is it easy to achieve, versatile and requires minimal re-touching, you don’t you need freshly washed hair (in fact, it looks better when hair isn’t just-washed). Here’s a look at how to elevate this gym class staple in the style of Karlie Kloss or Victoria Beckham.
Victoria Beckham tends to opt for a low pony that’s worn with or without a part.
  • Prep hair with mousse at the roots or use a blow dry spray gel.
  • Blow dry hair away from face.
  • If hair is curly or frizzy, use a smoothing cream, blow dry and flat iron it sleek. Dry shampoo is good to use to get some texture to hair so it holds together nicely.
  • Brush hair back to lower nape and make a center part from hair line to crown.
  • Use hands to gather hair and secure with an elastic hair tie.
  • If extra hair is needed, use clip in extensions  to add length. Clip in extensions just below crown before gathering hair into elastic.
  • Take big barrel curling iron to ever so slightly bend the end of the pony, do not curl, only a bend.
  • Spray down fly-aways with hairspray.
Karlie Kloss likes her ponytails high and sleek.
  • Prep the hair at roots with blow dry gel or mousse.
  • Direct the hair up and back with blow dryer and fingers and/or brush.
  • Flat iron hair to smooth out frizzy or curly hair, use a smoothing cream.
  • Add extensions around crown if extra length is needed.
  • Use Mason Pearson type brush, or boar bristle flat brush to smooth hair up to crown. Do not make a part, direct hair to crown, brush hair up at nape. Sometime bending over and putting head upside down makes this easier as gravity is working for you.
  • Get hair as sleek as possible and molded to the head, gathering at the crown, secure with the elastic.
  • Smooth flyaways using hairspray and run a flat iron through the ponytail for extras sleekness.
  • Tie a black ribbon and bow around base of ponytail.

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