Givenchy Large Antigona Deer-Printed Tote Bag: The Disney Vault

Givenchy Large Antigona Deer-Printed Tote Bag

Givenchy’s Fall 2013 collection is full of trippy floral prints, tricked-out moto jackets, and a whole lot of the world’s most famous cartoon deer. The Bambi-meets-surreal art motif didn’t just make it to Riccardo Tisci’s high-fashion sweatshirts. The image also landed on the Antigona tote. I find it awful and intriguing at the same time. I never have the desire to see cartoons on my bags, but then again, this isn’t a straight Disney cartoon. It’s completely askew. Bambi is peering through what appears to be a window at a classic portrait of a woman. Even the frame is incongruent, which startles the eye all the more.

To say this bag has a point of view is an understatement (Tisci’s to be precise), which makes a basic tote all the more interesting. I usually steer clear of such plain and under-designed totes, but even I’ve got admit a big, simple bag is a pragmatic choice. The verdict? If you need to go basic, why not add some visual interest to the mix. You might tire of it after the season, but it does make for the perfect baby bag now. On Luisa via Roma for $1,085.

Pair with: Hyper-edgy moms on the go can rock high-tops now that brands like Balenciaga are churning them out. Their leather and suede kicks with marble-print details will set you apart. On My Theresa for $635.

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