Gladys Tamez Millinery: Haute Hat-Maker

Felt Velour Earp Hat and Felt Velour Cap

I am known for my obsession with hats, from fedoras to turbans and beaded chapeaus– they’re the perfect luscious topping for any outfit! And Gladys Tamez’s artfully designed hats are my new favorites. Exposed to grand spectacle at an early age with a family well known in the bullfighting community and a Lancôme model for a mother, Gladys never shies away from drama. She had been studying art in Florence before becoming a hat-maker and was inspired by a chance visit to a Spanish millinery. Her artistic background is more than obvious when you get a look her toppers (her “shoe” hat has even been displayed at the MET!). Created out of lavish materials, as well as recycled ones, the pieces perfectly balance glamour and levelheadedness in a way that celebs like Johnny Depp admire. Her Olive Collection is sure to win more fans with its androgynous, slick silhouettes. Gladys’ take on well-known hat styles like the fedora is chic, but I love even more the way she plays with unique shapes. The purple felt velour cap and the tan Phoebe are great for making bold statements without being silly. After all, hats are meant to be fun, not funny!

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Kim Felt Velour Hat, Doc Felt Velour Hat, Phoebe Felt Velour Hat

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  1. hoboshop
    June 9, 2015 / 3:21 am

    I just got a Gladys Tamez “Kennedy” fedora from someone as a gift. I think hats are a rather personal item and not all hats look good on all people. Suffice it to say, no, the hat does not look good on me and so, sadly, what a waste of $200.

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