Glamour Gloves

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I’ll tell you a secret that not many people know. I sleep with Glamour Gloves. In fact, I swear by them. Glamour Gloves are gel lined gloves that you wear to bed at night with your favorite lotion on underneath them. The gel-lining works it magic overnight and pretty much forces your skin to absorb moisture and vitamins. The gel is actually infused with things like mineral and grapeseed oil and some other things I can’t pronounce, but sure make my hands feel great! I’m a bartender and my hands have been known to get super dry, but these gloves have totally solved my problem. I sleep with them on every other night and the difference is totally noticeable. Plus, they’re called Glamour Gloves. How fun is that to say? $48 at

Bliss Glamour Gloves

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  1. PV
    March 12, 2008 / 10:45 am

    You should definitely try a shielding lotion instead of gloves. It bonds with the outer layer of the skin creating what can be described as an invisible protective shield. It seals in the skin’s natural oils and moisture while keeping out moisture-robbing irritants. It deeply hydrates the skin by itself, but it can be put over your favorite lotion to keep it stay longer:)

    You can find more information on this type of lotion here:

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