KNOT ON MY PLANET: Fashion for A Greater Cause



In support of the Elephant Crisis Fund, Spanish luxury fashion house LOEWE collaborated with Knot on My Planet with a limited edition collection of Tan Elephant Mini Bags that we are completely in love with! The adorable bags feature beadwork handcrafted by the women from the Samburu Workshop at Ol Malo in Northern Kenya with LOEWE’s signature leather.

The Samburu people in North Kenya hold a valuable relationship with the elephants that reside there, while working closely with the Kenya-based elephant research and conversation organization, Save the Elephants, to protect these beautiful innocent animals.

LOEWE is donating 100% of all of the proceeds of this gorgeous collection to the Elephant Crisis Fund which will help to provide catalytic support for effective project that are designed to stop poaching, prevent trafficking and overall abuse of these elephants. This exclusive bag comes in 10 different designs and each one has a unique coloration & design. From beaded to striped and fringed- prices start at $1650. Which one do you love? We want them all! See the collection here.





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  1. July 31, 2018 / 3:00 am

    It’s Really great Idea and design. I like it.

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