Gucci Children’s Metal-Rimmed Shield Sunglasses: Here Comes the $un!


I admit these pricy Gucci Children’s sunglasses are a bit ridiculous considering how kids drop, break, or lose anything that’s not actually attached to their body. But, how cool would your tot look in these? The Metal-Rimmed Shield Sunglasses have aloe/khaki/green frames, and, of course, sport the Gucci logo at the temples. Why, they’re so cool they even have a teddy bear printed on the inner arms. Is that to remind mom that they’re for kids only?!

Michael Kors once told me his secret of youth is to always wear the same aviator sunglasses. And it’s true – he hasn’t changed in photos in twenty years! So, why not start our tots early? I know it’s a total waste of money, but if you can afford it, get them and then buy an equally cool glasses neck chain so they won’t lose them! At Neiman Marcusicon for $170.

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